Dhruva Nano Zx

Dhruva Nano Zx

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Product Spec.Weight (0.500 g), Length (12 cm), Height(13 cm) & Width (8 cm)
Plays the Shruti BoxThe Dhruva Nano Zx is a harmonium-type drone sruti box (sur-peti) that is also a Tuner / Sruti Box / Metronome.
Natural ToneIt produces a drone similar to a harmonium type traditional sruti box (sur-peti). It has a Tuner / Pitch-pipe with Digital Display, Dual scale system: Chromatic / Diatonic. A new feature in the Dhruva Nano Zx is the tuning game to help improve your tuning skill.
PitchAutomatic saving of selected pitch into memory; option of saving one more selection into memory.
RythemDhruva Nano Zx  electronic shruti box is capable of playing all harmonium at various Rythem
SMPS, 90V AC to 250V ACThis Dhruva Nano Zx machine’s in-built SMPS makes it possible to run the instrument anywhere in the world with its dynamic input power range of 90V AC to 250V AC.
ABS Plastic CabinetThe Cabinet is made from ABS plastic which gives it a sleeker look and protects it from the peninsula’s climatic wear & tear. 
Auxiliary Stereo SocketDhruva Nano Zx  Electronic can be connected to a music system using the stereo auxiliary socket.
In-Built Battery ChargerThe inbuilt battery charger of the Dhruva Nano Zx , charges a rechargeable battery even when the electronic Shruti Box is playing, this is displayed by the Charging LED and when the battery is low on charge the Low Battery LED is switched on automatically.
Carry BagThe Dhruva Nano Zx comes in an easy to carry nylon bag.


The following are the Instrument & Accessories you will receive on the purchase of one unit.
  • Dhruva Nano Zx Electronic Musical Instrument
  • Carry Bag
  • Instruction Manual
  • AC Power Cord (3 Yards)

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