Harmonium Standard 3 1/2 Octane Model - G

Harmonium Standard 3 1/2 Octane Model - G

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*Superior then Model -H* 

This product is designed to be stationary and easy to maintain. It works same as Harmonium Folding Model but due to simple design it is easy to play. 


Reeds -2 (Bass and Male)

Keys - 42

Stops -9 Stop

Coupler - Right

Bellow - Multibellow

Numbering Lock- No

Key Lock- Yes


*1 year tuning & adjustments warranty, In-store only*


Majority of Indian instruments are made exclusively by hand, using minimal tools and as with all folk instruments, there will be slight variations. Their may be blemishes (wood fractures, scuffs, denting, etc.) which are so minor that they will not be notice for a while, these are cosmetic flaws, which will have no adverse effects on the tonal quality (we have already put these instruments through a rigorous inspection process). Finishes are made using shellac and so are highly sensitive to heat and impressions, our policy on damage does not apply to minor finish problems.  An Indian instrument rarely leaves the hands of his maker without a slight blemish or 'birth mark'.   If this is an issue for you, please consider this before ordering! 

 All the instruments have been photographed in natural light, with some minor color corrections for better viewing

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